About Us

Our Mission 

The mission of The Locker School Store is to provide affordable spirit wear to all students, staff, and community members. 

Hands on Learning

Students taking marketing classes learn the fundamental elements about how to run the store. The students learn to collaborate together by coming up with designs to put on all our products. Everything printed on our products are done by students themselves with our heat-pressing machines in the classroom. The marketing classes also work the in the school store by running the register and helping customers have a successful and enjoyable shopping experience. 

COVID-19 Protocol

Due to COVID-19, only 2-3 members will be working the school store at any given time. Only one customer will be able to enter the store at a time in an effort to social distance. Masks will be worn at all times and plexi glass has been put up in front of the register for added protection. There are two sanitization stations in the store, one for the workers, and one for customers.

DECA Involvement 

DECA is an organization that students are able to join that helps prepare them for future careers in business, marketing, fiance, and more. Our DECA members often collaborate with The Locker School Store for their projects. Our IMATTER t-shirts were made by school store to help promote a DECA groups' project for raising mental health awareness. 

Current Employees 

Mrs. Millican, the Accounting, College and Careers, and Marketing teacher, has let her 3rd and 4th hour marketing classes run and create the The Locker School Store. Merchandising/inventory: Olivia Laforce, Erica Bergmooser, Brooke Giedlin, Brooke Cornelius, Emma Comis, Alyssa Reynolds, Ruth Cociuba, Alyssa Szuper, Mya Blankenship, Trent Books. Advertising: Elora Russell, Cloe Nisley, Meadow Moore, Melissa Diaz, Ryley McGuckin, Quiana Harmon, Erica Bergmooser. Web Development: Marissa Boyless, Carly Ferrante, Jake Leone, Kristen Reed, Emilie Zlatos. Scheduling/Partnerships: Matthew Davis, Logan Fiedler, Christyn Lackey, Corey Ferris, Lola Mathewson, Jakwon Gates, Jordan Footlander. Video Editing: Zachary Griffor, Kayleen Gekle, Avian Lagace, Paige Huffman, Spencer Fritz.